Democracy - Later, Thanks.

I know folks are cheesed when I tell them I am a registered non-voter. We have each our cares and worries. Mine are not for democracy.

And guess why I don't feel worried about democracy? Because it's got all of you worried already :)

Yawn. I've been following this topic for 15 years. Nothing new mate, I am happy for you all to go ahead and run this country for me.

Without putting too much thought into an aphorism that actually makes sense: Indirect democracy is like design by committee. I value the effect, not your opinion; go run the country, don't tell me why you did it.

Absolving myself of responsibility, going into a long slack period... wheee...

There comes a time when I just feel like walking away from a deal, just because there's no formal, or other good reason to stay. Just, letting, go.

One thing's for sure - in terms of educational trajectory, I'm deep in the category I aimed to acquire 8-9 years ago. #littleVictories Small business dynamics. Not doing too bad on the stuff I targeted to learn as of 4-5 years ago, either... computational stuff.

(This is totally random, but once upon a time I tried to learn Haskell and its Mongo/Bson library at once... it was hard... today I figured out that the stock library is written in a totally unHaskellian fashion. FML. Saturday 10pm. Just figured out that learning haskell-bson was hard because it was all coded wrong. What to do next? Drink? Smoke? Fuck? (Basically almost all the lookup functions fail to error - or is it supposed to be like that, just a low-level way of doing things?)

Given that I ignore much of the advice that is given to me, I suppose life's fair... hehe.

I've spent a lot of my 20s turning away good money... lots, and lots, of money. I wonder if it's a positive exercise, or just denial.

Ah, serialised Bson session cookies. This web app dev framework is finally getting somewhere...

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