How Far the AAPL has Fallen

Seriously, has no one else claimed this headline? LOL

F&B giggle of the week... a cigar lounge with a BYO-pole-dancer policy. Poles provided.

Everyone I talk to seems to fight idiots at their workplaces, but no one will speak of it to any other. So many secrets. When I run teams, you fight, in the open, with sticks... fights are promoted, secrets fired.

Twitter: That's a fucking brilliant idea... a Jesus film with guns and shit... just move it up a coupla thousand years... I basically want a Lou Besson version with fast cars, modern science, etc...

Wondering if I should just forget setting up an investment fund for friends and family... I really just want to get back to studies.

Hmm. GitHub for Windows is pretty fancy.

458 pages... Income Tax Act, you fucker...

Ebert is dead. Public holiday.

Chickening out of running the investment fund. Going to focus on stuff in control, like studies. :p

LinkedIn endorsements: this is why I don't have a LinkedIn account anymore. It's not that I don't want votes. I don't want votes from plebs...

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