If you're honest, they'll say you're mean, foolish, a show-off, overreaching, condescending, despicable, scary, etc. Honesty's a bitch.

Super stressful coding day - HTTP sessions - so noob. I can feel myself getting short sighted. Need to switch up the font/screen size a little. Awakened by coffee talkers. Must feed.

Electronics think in one way; mathematicians think in another; laypeople in yet another. I'm interested in the language to bridge these.

Here's the plan. Code for a bit. Eat breakfast. Drive to the city and park my ass in some coffee shop. And code some more.

I find that I like work to the extent that I rub people, who don't like work, the wrong way.

Designing web development frameworks... trying not to break HTTP semantics, in the process of reducing complexity.

Just under 4 years between picking up CakePHP and trying to clone it in Haskell. I feel like an idiot, but I guess it's not too shabby.

This is probably the dumbest thing to do, but I'm writing a JSON parser in Haskell for Data.Bson.Document. #languageDesignStudies

If you can't rely on other people to bring you happiness, then DIY, and let them be...

Hump day.

Awake. Must feed. Then off to a coffee shop in KL to munge through the legalese. Ah, the things I do to stimulate myself..

Doing one's best work within lowly limitations, requires... some discipline, to deliver the best work, capped by the provided ceilings.

"emergerd. these contracts need revision control." Dafuq... Chinese whispers...

Done with paperwork until counterparties turn it around. Back to coding.

Temporarily escaping the mundanities of commerce.

Sometimes, it feels like life's only tough because I try so hard to keep in touch with the rest of society. :)

"going bust reduces my chance of encountering busts, that's for sure"

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