Killing Time

Big dirty 10 -ton truck. Girl in wedges and skirt fillin up the gas. Trucker got a ho, awaw.
(A classist perspective, more than a sexist one.)

Underslept. And stuck in PJ till midnight. Who wants to play?
Office. Couch. Laptop. Baby. Workin it. Uhuh. Haha.

Everyone needs a hobby to take their mind off mundanity.
At some point, I figured I had at least three such hobbies.

Explaining to my boss that I'd pay someone to write code for me. But I no moneh, so I be the coder, mofo.

Coding in PJ done. Got through the highway. Coding at home. Still low on sleep. Soon enough.

AHA NOW I REMEMBER. She was the entitled leery. That must have been that cafe owner...

I prefer to believe that there are no stupid people, only stupid ideas. The stupidest idea, is the idea that there are stupid people...

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