Merger Talks on April Fools' Day...

... just feels weird.

Sorry mum. Not adding you on Facebook. No joke. You're annoying :P

For April Fool's day, I have decided to vote in the upcoming general election...

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ― Pablo Picasso

Don't bother. They will hate you for it :P

Green lit. Next coupla days is just gonna be stitching contracts full of options together. And then trawling through MOF tax stati -_-

Interesting observation. Given that my primary interest is taking confidence away from people, it seems likely that I will be able to balance my hobbies with work in entrepreneurship, where giving confidence is said by (Roman Stanek) to be the primary factor of success. Perfecto!

The next day:
Caught up on sleep. Passing on a JD for media / PR director at a MY hotel group. Time to feed. Then crunch contracts. SBUX americano giving off a strong cinnamon aroma today... #heresy More like clove, actually. Drafted my first LLP partnership agreement today. Now to ping-pong with legal counsel. Time to do some coding before bed!

"It works... bitches..." Great theatrical value. Unfortunately, Dawkins' is a pop philosophy... despite being one of the more rationally sound ones... lol but I guess there's only so much analytical detail that plebs can handle...

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