My prioritisation looks like this: family? Delete. Ppl I know? Delete. Ppl I'm selling time to? Priority. Ppl I don't know? Priority.

Modern communications provide parents with a medium of harassment. Every stalker knows. :p

Servicing startups feels like working in a driving school. I feel like I've moved up from janitor to instructor. #firstAidAnd911

Homework at the Bee. #meyer

That hair. Those thighs. I keep running into this door bitch... lol

At Publika for more research into local communities. Killing time till 7pm.

Socrates Cafe folks defining happiness. I guess most of my stress comes from avoiding unpalateable subjects in common discussion.

Back home. Recollecting myself, and my extensions over various projects. It's a nice rainy day in Sungai Long.

A rare moment when I'm just chillin. Pulling stuff out of subconscious to contemplate in conscious memory.

The insides of my head are as usual, at once, a porn studio, a knife fight, and Dexter's laboratory. But my body is composed. And my voice is still.

A gentleman is a fashionable maggot, flesh wrapped around an endoskeleton. Ah, my humanity, you bemuse me.

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