Pressure Profiling

Haven't had caffeine today. Tunnel vision is off. But heading to TTDI, and that's about to change...

Almost done reading God in a Cup.

Officially run out of steam for hacking Haskell on Hell. Need to switch tracks for a bit, to accumulate a larger sense of urgency.

Studying the monad wiki.

I am guessing that pedagogically, the Krypton monad, or Matrix monad, or XYZ-Fictional-World monad, might be useful. I mean, you know, in Nochnoi Dozor, there's a Twilight monad... and of course, Inception has a Dream monad...

(Ok, so today I'm transcending into a fairly decent understanding of (functional programming's): monad, additive monad, fmap, join, return, etc. Yay.

Ah, so Haskell's list comprehension notation de-sugars into do-notation for the List monad... shit, then they generalised list comprehension notation into a monadic comprehension notation with a GHC extension. Brain freeze.


Get up, Trinity. Get up.

Traffic jammin' to emergency meetings.

A long fast, then black coffee before breakfast. it's turning out to be a strange day.

Omg... list comprehensions in Haskell are so much more transparent once you figure out that they mask do-notation and the List monad.

It may be that once I make eye contact with beautiful women, I prefer not to disengage, so usually I just avoid it... lame, some say? I think it's lamer to seduce women, and then leave them hanging when priorities like work take precedence. Oh well. One picks the life worth living...

Napping in between coffees.

Getting around to the Haskell Typeclassopedia.

So many colleagues came from poverty, and seek their fortunes in suit and tie; like my folk/s; I wonder if their kids will be like me.

Did not feel like a productive day. But, I think I read a lot of new stuff... come on brain, refactor...

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