Single-witness crimes

The little kid from the apartment downstairs is locked out. She's yelling for her mom. I tell her she could could upstairs if anyone was bothering her. #iGuessIAmSketchy She's cool. She does not come up. Fortunately, her mom wakes up a few minutes later and lets her in.

This came up today.

Single-witness crimes just scare me. There seems to be no avenue for justice no matter what you do, if it boils down to a battle of accounts between two individuals.

In college I had to represent the Student Government, on a college-level panel of judicial review for the case of a date-rape accusation. This happens when people don't want to make police reports; or when the police have ruled that nothing can be done; or when the college needs to decide if anything more needs to be done to someone acquitted of such a crime; etc. - I don't remember the exact context.

It just sucks. You have no information. To be honest, on bad days... it just makes me averse to dating random people, because anyone can turn around and rape you, or accuse you of raping them.

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