Sleeper branding

Maybe Whatsapp isn't such a bad medium for discussions for what counts as an on-brand marketing tactics. As long as the marketing communications function is fulfilled, and the tactic is on-brand, I really don't care what we do. Having the number-one product does not fulfill the function of marketing communications. The end. Fix it, or deny yourself the opportunity to run a serious business. Move in parallel. Business functions aren't supposed to be fulfilled in sequence. That's why there are so many people in the room.

Oh, and #protip:

If you're a new partner in a venture, don't use Whatsapp to joke about being a double agent. No one can tell if you're kidding.

Studying MongoDB in TTDI... till closing, till closing, then home again, home again, jiggity jig...
Tired. Could be all the coffee. Napping at the keyboard.
Mentally preparing myself for a month of munging through the nuances of mongodb.
Having spent several years studying humans, and now spending several more studying machines... what if at the end, nothing?
Righto... MongoDB empty strings as keys: bad idea.
Dear god, I need to learn now to skip the pseudo-coding stage.
Home sweet home after a midnight run. Oranges. No violin, or I might wake the neighbours...
I use FB mostly for work, but I guess the recent Boston news got me on a college-mate adding spree. Also code takes forever to compile.
Groan. There are TWO ways that HTML form data can be encoded? Will have to parse the second tomorrow...

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