Sunday - here's the plan. Eat, code, and fix car.

A good day for missing social norms. But they're still a really low priority. Worky work...

I've been thinking recently that on average, over the last 12+ years, I've picked a new field to study every 4 years... with a view to really get-it within 10-20 years. Wonder if I can keep up at this pace.

1x odometer cable. 42% of mean daily income. Check. No, mean daily sales - we have to think like an accountant now.

Deleting memories of people and other sensual things, so that I can focus on the work in front of me... tough life.

So in Haskell, when you "lift" something, it goes "down" one layer. FUCK YOU. Who designed these idioms? :P (I probably have it wrong, and the idioms make perfect sense...)

Nap time. Then maybe to properly study monads and their transformers.

Nail programming? The only thing nailed to the wall these days is my date book. Harhar.

Gearing up for another fifteen years of dwelling on what I don't know, and putting up with people who prefer knowing over not knowing.

Last night, the crowd at the mamak downstairs laughed like the Goblin Techies, every thirty seconds.

Don't like random personal statements from strangers? Don't become a consultant, or a freelance anything.

Growing up with pastors has resulted in my going into surgeon mode as soon as people talk about their feelings. LOL

Bback to basics... GHC and Haskell source... might be a while before I get back to writing Hell.

Ok, I think I get (const).

Ten years of collecting things to read / watch / listen to / learn / play / practice later. Best viewed as calisthenics, I guess. Doing now.

Geez. If a I go way back, the broad progression of learning foci seems like:
1991 - science, and math
1996 - organisational dynamics, and commodified information technology
1999 - history of ideas, American culture, and quantification of consciousness
2005 - commerce, Malaysian business dynamics, and software development
2008 - food & beverage businesses, web application development
2011 - functional programming, abstract algebra
TODOs - macroeconomics, and implementations of machine phenomenology

It's safe to say that I have had zero corporate ambition. But that being said, when it's done properly, commerce can be loads of fun.

Well, there's definitely a lower tolerance for non-competitive behaviour in the public sphere... the motivations are different. On one end you have a state of war, anarchy, and on the other you have the borg. Capitalism is closer to the former, socialism closer to the latter... but all nicely dotted along a continuum. Snicker. (Which brings me to draw the local conclusion... that the state of war is the ultimate environment for creative personalities... lol... I think I find science a lot more anarchic than corporations.)

I guess I kinda get "kinds". I'd forgotten what they were exactly, in Haskell.

I'm often like, "this looks boring, but if you paid me enough, I'd do it better than most," still not sure if that's more lame, or rude.

Monday 0013 hours. Break time. Dinner. Better eat before they clear the food.

Computer programming has got to the pissiest tool for research in the humanities... "building consciousness from scratch" my arse...

00540: Well, implemented encrypted HTTP cookie-sessions for the first time. Not bad, slowpoke. Shower. More reading. Then bed.

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