Rainy day

Urgh. My car is dying :P and I hope I can get it home tonight and to the mechanic in the morning.

Dear god, anything, anything to make this political season less mundane...

It's days like this that make me rethink my decision to study computer programming.

On the bright side, I just discovered the Debug.Trace module in the "base" package. FML.

Not exactly sure why I feel unproductive on software development today; but that calls for some reflection.

I guess it's just a variety of activities competing for limited cognitive resources. Ah, economics.

I guess today, empathy with various fragments of society... colleagues from projects past and present... wins over analytical machination... :-S

Avast, memories of people... get out of my mind... I need to work :(

Was reminded to use type-signatures as documentation, more often. Also learnt to use type signatures to demand evaluation within specific monadic contexts.

House cleaning, linen washing, and car repair day tomorrow. #OccupyBed

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