Another Saturday

Up. Food. Then to work. I've caught up to 11-Feb-2011.

Caught up to June-2011. Off to a friend's barby for a bit.

Paring back on commitments to future delivery of services for the coffee shop. Things seem to be stabilising, and I need to maximise the ratio of kinesthetic to semantic computation required by this job. Readjustments always possible in the future. A pay cut may be in order. #noFrillsBarista

Meet chicks. Tell them I'm "waiting" to work as a barista - otherwise jobless. Watch their faces change. This is why I love the game. :)

Down to 11-Nov-2011.

Well, annoying as this author is to some people, at least now I know he thinks about sensation the same way I do. Somewhat. Ok, well, I'm annoying too...


Pareto is like a hammer; just about anything can be used as a hammer. #folksWhoActuallyNeedMBAs

page 72. we're 50% done... #thirdwavecoffee #anthropology #secondarySources

Most of the time, too much insight is not a useful thing.

Oh good grief, I'd forgotten how much faster it is to surf the web using GWT.

Bought some cucumbers and tomatos. Back to reading.

I think I just got blocked from a blog, for reading it too quickly... there's a first time for everything.

Only 56 pages left to go. I'm enforcing a break.

Thought of slapping together an OKCupid profile, but having too much fun listening to Haydn to actually DO anything... #FTSforNow

Discovered Benton Sans.

Going to watch the Google I/O keynote, since I can't find a properly detailed list...

It just occurred to me that I can't just sit here for a week and watch ALL of Google IO -_-

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