Broken Gear and Stuff

Auto's air conditioning compressor was just replaced, but it still take several minutes at high speed to cool down in the day.

One of the rear wheels, or something along their axis is not rotating smoothly. Also, brakes may be wearing down. Also, time for 5000km-ly service.

Much to be done...

... at least my phone works fastet after a reset to factory defaults, and subsequent restoration of a backup.

I also managed to change the water filters at home, and do a round of laundry.

Chores, chores, chores.


The day before elections.

Paid mechanic to fix car. Problem still not fixed. Sigh. Time perhaps to head back to the regular bloke. Two strikes probably means I should stop using this one.

I feel sad at dropping a service provider. But if a certain quality of service just isn't there, it seems irrational to continue.

Not much cash for a new car. LOL. I'm wondering if I should cut back on my coffee routine (work related) or just out and get a cuppa :P

Hurry up voters. Get it on, and get it over with.

Making very slight progress at work today, amidst just about all other variables being in limbo. Nap time.


The day of elections.

Too many uncertainties in my head. Half a dozen categories. I'm going to pause software development until the car is fixed.


The day after elections.

It turns out that the problem is a bulging tire. Fixed!

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