Coffee + Food Pairings?

This is another blatant #lazyweb post, that basically takes top hits for the keywords off Google.


More depth

Wine & Cheese!

Now for the really fun stuff...

Chef-like people doing their thing

"Pairing Food & Coffee With Chef Victor Barry," in which men discuss certain foods to be paired with a citrusy coffee, and an earthy coffee, beautifully plated, and videographed.

"Coffee and Food Pairing," by Chef Scott and Major Cohen, in which two blokes go into a slightly more technical analysis of their rationale for pairings.

... in which Gail Hall explains "high coffee." (This is actually a better video that the caption might suggest.)

Techie talk

"Science Behind Food Pairings," goes even deeper into the technicals. Love.


Watch these, afterwards

"Interview: James Chatto on Pairing Coffee," a writer wades in.

"Dessert Pairing with Community Coffee Company," in which a bloke pairs coffees with desserts that... basically have the same flavour? I'm not so sure if that's a good or bad thing, myself.

Coffee + Tobacco

... in which some very confusing opinions about coffee emerge. You've been warned. This one is clearly, off-topic for third-wave coffee nerds.

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