Comfortable Creativity

suburbia in 2013; same shit, different day; feels almost like 1993, and it might be fairly similar in 2043

One of the things about myself that comes to mind today, is that I like to throw my thoughts out over timeframes of about 25 years. Anything lasting less than 15 years feels like an operation - and I start taking conservative positions. But beyond 20 years, I feel like I have some leeway for innovation.

It's probably due to the way I was raised. Most of the time, I was working on getting into university. (By the time I was actually doing that, the idea had already become boring, and I was already pessimistic about social prospects.) I guess if you spend 1.5 decades of your life studying a 3,000-year-old tradition, everything on much shorter time frames just feels like kids play.

Voting for change? Bollocks...
Innovative technology? Bollocks...
Make loads of money? Bollocks...
Fall in love? Bollocks...
Raise a family? Ditto.
Build a company? Ditto.
Run a country? Ditto.

All these things happen every day. People make them happen. I still appreciate the point of view that these aspirations are middling in quality. To be exceed these limitations, one can only aspire to the unexpected, and that includes none of these.

Back to the lab, inside my head.

Of course, a perspective such as this is regularly pooh-pooh-ed by spectators. But it's something I perhaps grew accustomed to over the first ten, or so, years of life.

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