Dirty Talking

Words translate mostly to sights in my head, not feelings; so it's inefficient for me to appreciate dirty talk. It takes a bit of extra effort - actually, like several minutes of focused prep. Perhaps it's a guy thing. At least I think I know -how- to get into that zone, if I think about it, though I don't always remember. I haven't bothered to write it down yet. All fundamentally tedious detailing.

Guys generally tend (to be wired) to translate sights to feelings more easily. But that seems not to be the case for me, either. Sights are sights, sounds are sounds, feelings are feelings. So to condition myself to have certain emotional stimuli upon receiving certain other sensory input takes some practice.
Probably because I've spent so much time practicing how to dissociate stimuli from each other, in my analysis of how the brain processes information.
Good. This insight from old studies and recent calamity will help me to train appropriately, in the engagement of future dirty talkers. Then again, will I ever want to retrain myself to fit the ideals of others? I suppose if the economics are right, I will. But usually, the economics demand that I pay more attention to studies. So perhaps, I'll just have to date folks who enjoy the studious me.

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