Fucked Love

Just one of those relationships that doesn't seem on when it's on, or off when it's off. #foreverConfused

Not "complicated." Undefined, is more accurate. Which makes its description to third-parties essentially: a list of its historical events, and their potential impact on future decision.


If it's complicated, but defined, then,
though you can't say "it's a loan," you can still end up describing it as a "if A happens then B, but until then C, and also D except in the event of E."
If it's undefined, then,
you end up with terms such as, "A happened, B was agreed on, C happened next, now D, and if in the future E, then F, but if G, then probably H except in the event of I."
Fuck love, lol.

There's actually nothing operationally bothersome about this, except that most people are not used to thinking about relationships in purely descriptive terms; most terms used to refer to relations have normative connotations. So getting them to understand this sort of thing is tedious.

Elsewhere, we were discussing mobs and how they correlate with losses of aggregate intelligence.
the emergence of leaders is tautologous with the emergence of followers :P
Political preference has got less to do with how smart one is, and more to do with what one cares about. Without going up the anus of defining what it is to be "pro-'party X'",
I'm pro-BN, and I'm one of the smarter people I know.
Really, I just care to have the country work to a very minimum quality, without me having to be involved in its management. My standards are, unfortunately, low. Beyond that baseline, I can appreciate developmental improvements, and am happy to describe the ones I'd like to see... and even to put some effort into making them happen... but geez, don't expect to care if they do/do not happen.

Unless of course, it's my job to do so, in which case I will own it. (The job, not the country - though having both at once seems appealing.)
BN has a budget to hire pretty smart people to do their comms campaigns... for the amount of money they spend though, those are still pretty shitty campaigns!!!

(Or rather, they should be using their budget to cheat smarter, so that they can spend less on great comms campaigns that try to mask an obvious cheat... hah.)
Expecting my 70yo self to regret that my 20yo self spent too much time at day jobs, and not enough time at math and politics.

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