Gloves Off, Malaysia

Ceramahs are foreplay? Wait, I have a sex idea for an election poster...

CAMPAIGNING IS OVER. Thank heavens, there's one thing to be thankful for, already... -_-

Wondering if it's worth spending all day tomorrow at the KL office, or just hiding out in Hulu Langat.

Happy fighting, call me if there's a coup. I'm all up for coups. I'm just too lazy to do them nicely. So happy voting, those of you who do it the nice way. I just want efficient machinery. All this lovey-dovey save the country stuff is too much for me.

Old Government or new, I just want to get back to routine ASAP. Too much in the balance. Straight peace or war. No time for in-betweens.

I know, I know, this is blatant plagiarism... but I didn't have a pair of hot models at 2 am.

Here's the plan for the rest of the evening - get some food - add a monitor to my workstation, and take a shower.

Wake up, active participants in Malaysia's "democracy." Fly, fly, fly!

Time to hit the sack. Hurry up Malaysia, get through this adolescent phase, and then maybe we can have a proper chat.

At least the recent deluge of political ideology on social media has been more entertaining than live-tweeted football.

It is a strange life one lives. Many opportunity costs. Questionable benefits. Well, on with it...

Would have posted a pic showing that I didn't vote, but that's pointless now since (everyone and their mom, on social media, is posting that) the ink comes off. Both sides will complain later, in the aftermath to the polls. They're going to question the vote of every single person who posted pix of their "washed off" finger on Facebook. Wait for it...

Pardon me for underscoring the bleakness of this proposition: but if you have a problem with racist Malaysians, you're a hipster.

Going to try and get at least a little work done today. Probably a futile effort, but hey, at least I'm doing what I can.

Taking stock of my social network, and consolidating resources where they appear to provide returns - inside my head.

Expect fear, but do not fear it.

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