Happily Distracted...

... for a few hours.

This evening, I didn't have much on my schedule.
My body's still a little numb from recent work-outs, so I didn't do much exercise today.
Around 1830 hours I saw a friend post about an event that began at 1930 hours. It was scheduled to start late, so I waited till traffic had cleared, having dinner before driving out. It was apparently, a discussion / course on "philosophy." The facilitator was reasonably cogent and fluent about the subject, dwelling mostly on anecdotes regarding the Socratic method. I was pleased to witness this.

I have almost always made time, since returning to Malaysia, to check out events branded with that word. I feel that it attracts a certain variety of generalist, and I am a keen generalist. I also have "major in Philosophy," on my academic credentials, and for what it's worth, I suppose contributing via explaining things to people who want to learn more about the subject is the only thing I'm "qualified," for, in terms of papers.There were some familiar faces at the meeting, and many news ones. I also discussed the venue with friends online, during the event itself. One person I have been conversing with, is a friend of the hostess. After the event, back home, I was doing my favourite thing, by attempting to link up the people in this "group," with the people in other "relevant groups," whom I was aware of. We discussed the notion of relevance.
me: well, i have a very broad sense of relevance. i had an ex who hated it when i introduced her to people whom i found interesting, because it thought there'd be a 10% chance they'd get along.

x: u dated someone who wasn't social? lol

me: I've dated a lot of introverts. EMERGERD. maybe i need to be pickier about dating, and employment; but then i just wouldn't be me ;)
It's not that I'm not picky, really, it's just that I'm picky about unusual parameters.


Anyway, it was a good chance to watch and chat with folks for a couple of hours. This is a good drug, right? The only other one I had today, was a cup of coffee.

In a few hours, back to non-work... :-S

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