Maybe this is working out?

That period during which you've paid an arm and a leg, and have yet to receive the goods. Dum dee dum.

My work has never provided much employment. Now, I'm furthermore on track to fitting in with producers, not consumers. Boredom and loss aren't a miscible mixture. Choices are usually easy. Consequences are draggy, sometimes. Sometimes, very draggy. -_-

On the role of self-deprecating humour: you're right, I don't care about 'my,' status much, but I do care about running out of jokes that other people get... without those, I rarely feel like I have anything to contribute...

Brief work out. Nothing like a little panic to combat the caffeine withdrawal.

Can't square empathy with "bros," "chicks," "folk of substance," and "gentlefolk," because their egos are mutually exclusive. :( #sadfly

Haven't sat on the floor in a while. More stretching is in order. Maybe some cushions. The scenery is good. I am refreshed.

Pit stop 2. I've figured out what to do with my time for a bit.

Perhaps an increased physical exercise routine is just what I need to do with my time.

Off for a run. Things to dodge: packs of wild dogs, mosquitoes, roving murderers.

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