How to Fight the Mob

MOB OUTSIDE. YELLING. ROARING. THROWING SHIT. OMG.... it's just fucking Liverpool vs. Everton... -_-

For first-timers who are getting scared by the initial results:
Do not fear. Fear is boring.

1. They announce BN wins first, and delay announcing PR wins. Meaning that you should expect to see more PR wins nearer to the end of the evening.

2. Even if the party you dislike wins, you know why they won. It won't be the first time they've won this way, and it won't be the last time you'll get to try and make them lose.

3. Win, or lose, R&R and proceed with what must next be done...

It's true. It's funny. It's not democratic. But, that's life. Laugh, and persevere.

On reaching Malay audiences: In 2007 I remember attending a PR "blogger" panel at the Chinese Assembly Hall, and all the bloggers were English language bloggers... and in response to questions about how serious they were at blogging in Malay to get a popular audience, the response was simply "someone's doing that too." Well now, not that I have to take sides or anything, but if someone's serious about what they want, they should be challenged to approach it with maximal strategic efficiency.

An ANU professor wades in: "Even in the late Suharto years, the Indonesian press was never this bad,."

Some compiled results data, for people who know what to do with it.

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