Nervous Wrecks

I hate nervous wrecks. I hate myself when I'm a nervous wreck, and I hate other people when they are nervous wrecks. Nervous wreckage gets nothing done. I also wish people wouldn't ask for sex when they're drunk; it's not cute - it's legally ambiguous, and just reminds me that many people are nervous wrecks about many subjects without psychotropic inputs. Fuck nervous wrecks.

Ok off to purview pastry in Bangsar; and to align the team's marketing approach.

More team building exercises.

Killing time hooking up local political data source with would-be civilian quants. Onward, for science! LOL
TIL malaaaamm Jumaaaat! It means we're fucking tonight.
Apparently, it is explained to me, the reasoning behind that one is simply attributed to Islam (at least, in this part of the world).

Not quite sleepy. Clearing some reading.

So relieved. One portfolio frozen for now.

We have a tactical emergency. No plans for Friday night. What to do, KL, PJ, TTDI??

Facebook is finally striking me as a sufficient substitute for DeviantArt.

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