New Citizens Imply an even Nuttier Multicultural Malaysia

So, some say, many foreign nationals are being given Malaysian citizenship by the former Malaysian Government, in exchange for the promise that they will vote with their new Malaysian citizenship, and re-elect the former Government. People who have had Malaysian citizenship for a longer duration than that are recoiling in horror... xenophobic reactions of "us," and "them," racist name-calling, derogatory classism... everything is getting out there.

So what if all of these newly minted Filipino, Pakistani, Indonesia, Nepali, Bangladeshi, and other, citizens of Malaysia do stay, and settle down, and procreate, and have families, and set up vernacular schools in their own languages? The Chinese and Indians did that once upon a time. The Bugis and Javanese, and others, have been doing (most of) that over the last few decades.

Even if Barisan National is perpetually re-elected to Government, and real democracy never returns to Malaysia, at least, I hope, we will have a richer and more diverse culture of peonage.

Sometimes, I wonder what it'd be like to have a country that I identify with. Seems like lots of other people have one ;)

Update: the phantom voters are being caught and documented, as expected. A bit daft of you... if you paid money for a phantom voter, but neglected to groom and dress it nicely...

Update post results: If you go to https://www.facebook.com/najibrazak and hit Refresh every few seconds, you can see his Likes increasing. Anwar's and Nurul's pages too.

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