Not Really a Sapiosexual

But sometimes, it seems that certain intellectual fortitude might be a necessary condition for longer-term compatibility.

Some friends of mine are taking a test to detect asexuality. I joke that some who score "asexual," now did not seem like that before. Perhaps, we agree, certain rituals change us. Brain plasticity comes up. I agree it is fascinating, for the unintentional changes. I tend to have fewer of those, as I plan and execute on really long terms. More suprises would be nice sometime.

Strategy review: maybe letting myself crush on chicks that are lacking in intellectual curiosity... is a recipe for disaster :( . But that doesn't make sense. I get along fine with loads of folks without such curiosity. Perhaps limited curiosity is badly coupled with easy intimidation by curiosity. That seems a smidgen closer. But then that's just annoying... I don't want to run all future dates through curiosity and insecurity tests.. Wtf #isThatRealLife?

Playing the emo game is easy, but finding folk who play the analytical game seems impossible... #canSheDestroyHerselfDaily. It seems that I may have a girl problem. Getting partners to bed is easier than getting partners who are also conversational. Fml. Guys aren't supposed to have issues like this.

As to whether I am fishing in the wrong pond, or not, it could be wrong audience, or "lead generation no enough," or both. Most likely, I'm just not focused enough on marketing this product vertical. I just haven't made much time for mating. So I'm advised to identify an audience, and to customise my product to make it seem "aspirational," but I'm lazy! Someone should be selling to me! Ergo the other problem... I'm probably not targeted by marketing, because I'm a lousy customer ;)

And then she says that in the animal kingdom, males do all the work. Well, zoologically that doesn't make any sense, but hey, when I feel like it, I do the work. Otherwise, return to gripe-zero.

This is a caricature of my life, which is itself a caricature of everything that I believe in.

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