Amidst a train wreck of comprehension, it seems that the thing to do is to draw the student back to the problem. If the problem cannot be found, then there is no urgency for comprehension.

I guess we really don't need to do marketing, if we don't have top-line targets.

Beginning to feel like a really dead month. Lots of action, but nothing original for weeks.

Important meetings. Gratuitious attendence. Gah.

2am. The stream outside is really heavy. That means it must be raining up in the hills. Indeed, the mist is impermeable.

I'm going to chase a relatively fixed target by returning to reading that blog.

Time to up the bar. (Revert to normal speed, is more like it.) Let's see if I get through that blog by end-May.

Reduced backlog of reading to 117 from 145. Dinner time...

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