Razing Children

So every time I see parents interacting with their little kids the way my parents interacted with me when I was a little kid, I feel sad. But hey, it's not like I wanna risk telling them to try being more reasonable. People tend to get mad when you present them with opinions challenging their previously unquestioned beliefs. Go on, yell away... let's see how that relationship turns out...

Someone banters back about they provide their parents with concessionary behaviours, to fit their parents' expectations that their kids should grow up a certain way.
You're still worried about the parents? Parents do this to themselves. I'm worried about the kids!!!
"seeing ur mom for moms day?"
"she's not the sentimental sort?"
"i'm not the sentimental sort."

I just spent a whole year with my mum. I like to think that I did more work then and am doing less now. She ain't seeing me for a while.

Mother's day? Teachers week? WORLD... please, celebrate something I actually care about... :(

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