Finally had time to go for run. The newly paved street in front of my block has improved. Might become a great routine.

Exercise makes the mind strong. People who say humans are not made of circuitry, don't know the first thing about chemistry.

I guess it took three months or so to wrap this current job into a routine, despite the continuing lack of a shop. Hmm.

I exercise my body because it's a chemical pleasure. I'm not looking forward to the day when this doesn't work anymore.

Time to shop for housekeeping supplies.

Every time there's a discussion about age, it seems I still don't actually believe that adults are special.

Who says women are hard to figure? I understand women. They're like music. Unfortunately, I don't make much time for music these days...

Call me a lab-tech, but conventional cupping protocol seems to be quite unsanitary. I partake of the culture, being aware of this.

Slow day on social media. Caught up to August 2010 on Sprudge.

RIGHT. Time to cook up another field of study, that's outside coffee (work) or mathematical (life)... maybe I need to buy that synth.

Breakfast. Laundry detergent. Coffee. Excel. Looks like my day is planned. Maybe, I need a book also...

... actually, back to Sprudge.

So today, a barista pointed out that Richard Hall was at Artisan TTDI. Some of you may know of him as Moby. #iCouldNotTell
Need to dial down my forecasting processes. More thought required on immediate data.

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