Sex in the City (har har)

I regret that investment that I made in Myanmar. It was a huge undertaking, and almost immediately evident that nothing good came of it (for me). Talent turns out to be an extremely risky asset class - it can absorb capital, appreciate it frankly, and frankly disappear. :) And all that makes me wonder... if I need to quit making time for other people, and just focus on myself...

So at this point, I'm wondering if selling my car, forfeiting this mortage, and renting closer to work is a bankable venture. Lol indeed (It's not the drive, but the probability that I might end up dating someone who doesn't like housemates is killing me. Hahahha if I rent in the city, I will have housemates. Then if I date such a person, I'll have to move again. Fts. Lol.)

Conclusion: avoid tossing more low-risk assets; get smarter to deal with drains on time. Aside: maybe stop dealing with drunks. Maybe.

Reflection: then again, as much of a short-term investment as it was, it was also repaying a due favour. So I guess, all's fair... :)

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