Teleological Meditations

I've found over the past few months, in observations of my stress levels upon getting up in the morning, that there is high variance in this data (undocumented - all in my head, i.e. for all official purposes, anecdotal). Of course, many common input variables such as hydration, thought process during sleep, and physical exercise during waking hours, are under consideration.
It's not that I really want to be happy, but being happy gets other shit done.
Aside it seems harder to be happy if I'm not trying. So I'm trying to remember the experience of happiness, and to target it. Old exercises.

When I seek to identify experiences like this, I'm actually considering the component signals in various sense modalities, as they stand alone, and then as they are multiplexed into one's "stream of consciousness."

Years ago, when I was digging into this stuff for the first time, the observable evidence pointed to the majority of discomfort in my mind coming from the musculo-skeletal structure. Misaligned antagonistic muscle control, itches that can only be scratched by moving muscles where the itches are located, confusion arising from lack of coordination. So I resolved a lot of "unhappiness," by simply taking an engineered approach to working out, and targeting my apparent causes of stress on a muscle-by-muscle basis.

Perhaps, this is how yoga once evolved. But that too is an old thought. Nothing here is being written for the first time in human history.

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