Today's Rumpus: GST; Political Rallies

In Today's Episode of Drama Malaysia:

1) We have a political rally which has submitted a notification of event to the police. However, on assemblies: Act 736, IV.9.2.a requires at least 10 days notification, except for gazetted locations of assembly. Where's the list of these places? As of January, it seems there were none. It eventually turned out that despite bringing traffic on one side of the LDP to a literal standstill for hours, the event was a great success for freedoms of assembly in Malaysia. One chap turned up dressed like Batman. In a stadium full of people, we need a "where's Batman," photo to play with like, you know, "where's Wally."

2) Plenty of noise and confusion, and politicisation of the Goods & Services Tax in Malaysia. This seems to be a good place to start learning about it.
All I have to say is, designate May 13 as a public holiday "Hari Pendamaian Malaysia" #mywant #apacinamahu #apakitamahu

In more personal reflections:
1) GST is now as politicised as race; good job clowns!
2) recently reminded that favour-givers are used to ppl expecting their favours.

Since Tim Wendelboe started international shipping services, I joked that we should group but from his company, and ended up starting a new Facebook group for that (https://www.facebook.com/groups/120689151468017/) after some folks responded positvely. Made a new coffee friend, whom it turns out is seeing another friend who's reviewed our business case. Flushing out the Haskell chaff from my brain with 145 pages (times about a dozen posts per page) of Sprudge.com. Oh, so THAT's how they built the Loring Merlin...also, it turns out that a great place to get machine schematics is... public patent filings!

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