One may drink water from stemmed glasses for mere prettiness; but if it makes the student pretend, then one must throw the glass away. Confusion is only useful in teaching a market that is already too sure of itself. A virgin market requires clarity. Its products should be so worded.

I mean, the main reason wine seems to be aytas in this country is because it costs 6+ hours of minimum wage per bottle, versus less than 1 in the USA or Australia. I'm personally interested in using Malay names and tossing all the Italian. Heh.

What is kitsch? Could it be,"COE big gulp" ... or "tapau COE peng satu!"? Wouldn't THAT be "normal"? Can we call espresso "lelaju," or is that word taken?

'Espresso' and 'barista' would translate to 'expresso' and 'bartender' - but 2nd wave coffee snobbery has doomed the industry to use only the Italian. But this is Malaysia, right, so if I had the budget to rewrite the script completely and target the Malay market, I'd do a pop-up coffeeshop with everything in Malay. The question then would be "aytas baku Malay", normalspeak Malay, rempitspeak, or some other lexicon... such a huge market, warm, wet, and open.

Underslept, and finding just enough to do to stay awake all day. Hurry up world, slow me down...
Holy shit, this is the most mathy coffee article I've seen to-date (can't say I've seen too many, or been reading for very long).

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