Watching Rain Fall

It is dark, and a light rain falls outside. It was heavier not so long ago, and the sound of pouring water surrounds me. I sit in a chair by the glass door and watch lightning form over the hills, filling the sky above, the houses, and apartments before me. Trees. A large creek turned into a drain.

This is Malaysia, where I grew up. Elsewhere in the country, everyone's excited about elections. I am bored. I feel nearly nothing for this country. Its people have their ways, I have learnt to live among them. I consider myself fortunate, but here I am. I tend to think that were you to drop me in Namibia or Switzerland I would learn their ways too, and make a life of it. But here I am. Wherever I go, it is the people that bore me.

Here I am, trying to recuperate from a lack of routine. A few tired years. A few years of study, though in equal part with the economic chores that enable such study. I'm going back to watch the lightning now.

Stuff that does interest me on the other hand... this video reminded me quite closely of how I think, about thought. That being said, I've mostly held the view that I wouldn't allow myself to funnel full effort into such esoteric interests, unless (until), my economic infrastructure becomes effortless. So I have a few concurrent ongoing research operations, I suppose. Basal economics, and then more cutting edge stuff.

Not a good day for getting work done. Not at all.

The next day.

What a messy day. Industry networking at 1030 hours; legal team meeting ate 2200 hours. Irrelevant stuff in between. Breaking at 2000.

Just bumped into a couple of those kids I used to look up to because they were older, and in the cool band.

OMG. I just found what looks like Old Town White Coffee's logo by Stumptown. It turns out that OTWC is as old as Stumptown - but look at these fonts and colours. Maybe convergent evolution?

My standard for thought may have eroded over years of professional empathy. Maybe I need to quit the services industry.

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