Where's My #$^(@& Campaign?

Ok... maybe my initial estimate of USD 165,000 for the free publicity generated this week by the PDRM for our dissidents... was a little too low... the New York Times reports. Apparently BBC did too. Etc.

About 3.2% through this decade. What have I achieved? What must I next achieve? These thoughts consume me, today. 1x web framework in alpha. 1x client well on the way to launch. 1x deep dive into 3rd wave coffee theory. 4 months. Ok lah. But what if I kid myself, and it's all a terrible underachievement? The problem with avoiding the mediocrity of organisations (including the top tier), is that it is hard to live with one's own judgment. Still my own best friend, and my worst enemy. :) It is good to return to a familiar place of mind. I wrote an essay about this when I was 16 - it was homework.

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