Hmm. Why am I up at this hour? Perhaps missing a warm body and snipey conversation. Zzz.

Some water and fruit juice is in order.

Time to write down something that a barista at the cafe said today yesterday. He said, I always look tired. Not physically tired, just mentally tired. He said, I appear to pause and rest frequently. I say, I just have nothing to do. I say, I'm basically hyper, and I "only," get tired when I have nothing to do.

The recent Superman movie was also a reasonable decent portrayal of what one has to do to maintain sensory acuteness beyond the norm. Agile analytical wetware just requires more calibration. Moreover, due to plasticity, what one does not practice, one loses eventually. As usual, when one does not practice routine objective benchmarking, and I do not, one's sense of oneself tends to wander.

Back to sleep for routine purposes.

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