Do Managers Really Need Live-meat?

So many CEOs. So little time. I need to create Weapon X.
Setting expectations:

1) I definitely can't commit much over the next few months (totally determines on when we get this cafe up and cruising).

2) I'm interested in working with you at some point in the future.

3) Until we actually formalise a working relationship, I'm happy to give opinions (I know you don't need this much) and perhaps do executive coaching for your existing partners/employees (let me know if you do need this) on a for-fun-for-free basis.
Perhaps the key is a program that helps managers to analyse what exactly they want from warm bodies, so that various components can be outsourced effectively.
I know you don't need proposals and plans.

But do you need someone on standby 24-7? Do you need a creative decision-maker? A subject-matter expert? A face to look at? A hand to hold during the 40-hour week? Personal affirmation from staff? What is it exactly?
Jerng & Company has a nice ring to it, but the time is not yet, as I am not yet ready.

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