Little Boys do not...

So I was having a chat with my friend in a coffee shop (it's always a particular coffee shop, these days) when another friend strolled by with his party, and introduced us all to each other. The introducer was asking if I was still "dating so-and-so," and snapping his fingers while trying to remember who it was, when I waved an arm and said that it probably wouldn't be appropriate for him to blurt out a random name.

Two others present (A & B) were quite tickled, and so to bring a proper conclusion to the discussion, I explain the case as such:
I think it's basically the case that... while I am quite transparent about my dealings with just about everyone... it's not the case that all other people whom I deal with enjoy being discussed outside their presence, particularly with reference to myself. So erm... yeah, I can't really encourage anyone to randomly drop "oh are you still with so-and-so," comments at random. I think the adage is gentlemen don't kiss and tell or something like that. Haha. With regards to whether I believe it or simply perform that role with ulterior motives... I figure it doesn't matter. Back to discussion of whether it's art or not, I'd go with what ms B said, and admit that I treat most of life as an intentional performance these days. Lol. More chatter next time.

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