Talent Managment as Game Design

Sex, after all, is about keeping genes alive. At least that's what they said...
In biz-speak, "talent management," roughly refers to ensuring the supply of live meat that's available to keep an operation alive. Usually, this operation is an organisation, like a company. I was speculating that it would take 3-6 months from launch for us to stabilise the talent pipeline at a new coffee shop, and subsequently got laughed at by one of my pastry friends.
It's not rocket baking...
We joked about common deficiencies of both employers and employers in this town and industry. This is one of those subjects that I've studied for so long that I figure... if they say it can't be done, I'm going to try and do it in 2-4 months.

Let's say you design a video game. All other things, like distribution, being equal... if it's a good game, maybe 10,000 people will play it; if it's a great game, maybe 100,000 people will play it, and someone will finish it in month; if the same number of people play it, and the bosses are equally hard, but the game-play is stickier, then someone will finish it in a week.

Just saying.

(Disclaimer: no promises, claims to absolute truth, or other stretches of the ego were implied by the writing of this post.)

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