Spotify recommending me bands to follow based on my Twitter feed. Good job. No thanks.

Need recommendations for women who are motivated by boredom, and not by passion. #upNextOkCupid

Enforced bed time. Got a 10:30am meeting, and a 10pm meeting. See you all somewhere in between them... zzz #pretending



Up. Time to beat the jam. Can catch some shuteye on the other side of KL. lulz

Driving before 0630 in this town is a dream. A sweaty, fucking, dream. It's toytown.

Wake up kl. entertain me.

Napping in car. Feeling all grown up. At the same time, can't wait to grow richer and sell this polluting piece of metal. #urbane

Up with the mozzies. Dinner of sorts, then coffee. (It ended up being chicken and juice.)

Dwelling on the core of my personality. Curiousity and boredom. Reminding myself that to serve consumers, I must become a consumer.

Got team to start pricing security installations for the project; also observed as they identified botanical and furniture construction resources.



"InfideliTea" - bahkuteh brand name for Malaysian market - todo number 79. #copywriting #fnb

There's a deli somewhere in all of that.



Perhaps I am ideally suited to the function of disgusting common folk with the disparity between my common talent and common ambition.



Last imprinted female seems happy. Current co-workers seem happy. No other emotional commitments. A good day. So far.

Brunched. What havoc to wreck today? Much waiting in the wings.

I'm no expert on government intelligence - but it's surprising how many people find PRISM to be a surprise.

Laundry. Watching warily as new friends fall to pieces on social media. Not exactly the ideal way to spend Friday night. Morning meeting.



Fight economic recession. Give free hugs.

Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. No KPIs and ad hoc mandates.

The hos on BB lookin a lot better these days. Must be the influx of new voters.

When I hear stakeholders talk about marketing comms these days, I pat the lead guy on the back, cause WE FUCKING CRACKED IT. #redalert

Sleepy. Fed. Long drive home. Gonna take it slow and easy. Not much else to be gained otherwise.



"we'll be all good by new year's day"
Financial discipline is still !@#$%^&* though.
LOL. This is what I get for working with self-managed artists.
At least I've beaten the need for a marketing pipeline (specifically, a broad funnel-top) into their heads well and good. And figured out a process to deal with coffee+food pairing.
Spent a few hours watching people draw a bar. Great fun. 48 covers. Woo hoo. Amazing what can do in a living room full of 20" tables.

She's hotter than I thought she'd be. Impressive. At this hour, there ain't much else on my mind. Slow days.

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