Can't wait for this idiotic vocational traffic jam to be over.

Running nose. Can't catch up. Woozy. #dustanddemolition

Bored, tired, and sleepy. And sick from dust exposure. Going to bed. Hoping it'll be better in the morning.



Three baristas counting foot traffic. Three streetwalkers go by. Six people think: "revenue".
Q: What's worse then a shy girl? A: A dry girl. #dropsMic
Risque humour? The womenfolk have been asking for it. Also. I'm on one of those KPI-less assignments where it seems like I deliver service per ad hoc requests and get a huge tip called my salary at the end of every month. Boredom ensures. Hehe.

The rule of life is that it always ends in tears; unless you've simply decided to be happy. lol

Probability of shit storm : 3% #apaItuBuaya #philosophyToday Exactly how dirty does a guy have to get, to be considered one?

:-S this job is making me bored; being bored is bad for my health; i tend to endanger myself....
i generally keep myself happy
the side effects, as I said, might be bad for health. lol
My personal "saham," at an all time low?
It's a good thing I have put options... #omgSoBad
Some people are unapproachable for the sole reason that they remind you of past battles fought and lost.



Black Perdana in Kl sporting what looks like a StreetView camera.

Sad buaya is sad. And possibly carsick. Lulz.

I have upcycled blinds in one room, finally. Will get curtains in the living room when cashflow improves.

The day ends with a traffic jam. Approaching the climax of a truly legit boredgasm. Totally new experience.
It's just that kinda week. Make me wanna cover Teen Spirit: end result of data collection from cover... i still have the option of vocal training; pity it's not a priority... and may never be



Do you know why I respond badly to employers looking for amazing people? Because nearly no one amazes me. #cantRelate

A classic personality development track is Sensitive -> Needy -> Emancipated -> Projective -> Unreflective -> Boring (but narcissistic) :p



Broke, but debtless, and well informed. Does that make one a technosexual? #dorky



Awoken again by exhaust fumes. This can't be good. On the bright side, it's 8am and hyper Jerng is hyper.

Wishing I had fewer fashion and language taboos to worry about; creativity is stunted in this environment.

Before all, but after some pawns have been slaughtered.

Time for housekeeping... Confusedchefs say, man with hoover sucks at life.

Ruminating on absence of activity. At some point will evolve fireball. Much work later this year. But not yet.

Wait for it. BOOOOOOORRED. going to ikea to buy curtains. ENTERTAIN ME.

Homemaking + retail therapy. Jerng is an IKEA brand. Just don't tell no one.

Boozers are boozing. Imma go watch a movie.

I like the smell of theatres. It reminds me of life outside the sterility of my peers.

One day I might develop the gumption to drink myself stupid. But while most ambition has long left me, my mind is unready to retire.

Man of Steel: 1) best fight physics in a while 2) smooth production values 3) pumps in the desert? LOIS. WUTRU DOIN?

20 hrs since waking. 4 hrs from when I ought to be up. Recovering old habits, but still feeling like a dork in the interim. #likeAVaca

We were having a discussion about slow Malaysians who like to say "relax," when you pressure them at work to get things done better. Something came back to me, and I realised that I used to get relax-hate while on vaca... shudder.



Doing some research into protein supplementation: primarily for time and money savings, secondarily for strength training, and tertiarily for bulk

Time for some emotional engineering. Making a point of reminding myself that I'm not yet fighting fit vs. a 100kg guy. Strawman target.

Defrosting chicken, after a postponed over-chicken date, before a roast chicken supper club; it's amazing how much chicken there is.

Expensive non-functional details are mostly fluff to me. Aesthetics counts as a function, but its co-domain is vast.

Must learn SketchUp. Can't deal with this many ding-dong ping-pong frisbee handoffs if I'm running a realestate project of this sort.

In my experience, it seems hard to do a solo academic program, a solo job, and a lonely relationship all at the same time. Hmm.

World, Y U NO study your emotions as the empirical phenomena that they are? Y U NO seek to hone your language?

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