Customer Education in New Markets

We were talking about coffee, of course, and the times when someone compares their Hainanese brew from a fast-food shop, to an Ethiopian C.O.E. winner. My thoughts, from a longer conversation:
I have been going with "these two types of coffee are prepared in completely different ways, so they're supposed to taste different," - and then where they want to spend their money, is really up to them loh...
Forgive me for being the biz-end customer service snob then but I think as marketers, our role is to drop hints that there's a longer conversation to be had about any seemingly trivial preference. So if we say big words like "totally different traditions!!" it gives customers to opportunity to ask "eh, what?" and you know, if 3/10 of them get back to us about it.. we've scoring big points in delivering the spiel about how this stuff works, and thereby building the market...
Sigh. Hopefully you never have to go through what made me this "patient" - I think slow and tired is a better description of where I am lol.

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