Diet Ops

Protein powder, fresh fruit and vegetable, bran/oats - ok, low-cost, low-time, diet is set - but I'm wondering about a hot-food component. Ideas?
So far, I'm settling for RM1 packs of dhal form the mamak stewpot. Risky, but it works.
I used to do hot oat porridge like rice porridge. Ate it savoury, not sweet. My only objections to this are that oats are a bloody carb bomb... so if I'm not physically active, it's just too much.
Fortified rice:
The problem is the cooking time, again.

Rice - 12+ minutes
Oats - 2 minute soak
Processed (unfortunately) protein powder - 20 second stir with cold water

I try not to pre-cook stuff and refrigerate it - used to do whole weeks of food at a time. Hehe. Doesn't work for me only because my current schedule has zero predictability. I'm almost never at home, and I never know when I have to go to work.

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