Love, Sex, Romance - ops notes

Got invited to watch a movie, and saw a love story (Despicable Me 2) with some organisers of matchmaking events. Lol. I think I just quietly disposed of two more hours of this droll wait for the current project to be over.

Love, sex, and romance. I view these as a non-essential, and luxurious component of my overall operations. Some thoughts on the drive home are as follows.

There's been one relationship (in the general sense), where
  • I've been an open book for years
  • I've let her let me in, and push me away at her leisure
  • I'm happy to deal with the consequences on my end; ultimately, curiosity shapes my life; assignment of unconditional resources, or top priority, i.e. love, is something that my curiosity deploys
  • I really need to just convince myself that I did everything that I could, given what I had to work with, instead of thinking about strategic revisions all the time
This really is how I deal with social relationships of any sort, romantic and otherwise.

There's been this other relationship (in the general sense), where
  • we've exchanged notes on priorities
  • I'm not sure how much she likes me
and so, I think I need to make the call and figure out
  • if we have mutual feelings for each other
  • if we have clear ideological conflicts (i.e. abstract disagreements) - early signals for a bad match
  • if logistical concerns are unsuitable for the pursuit of a relationship in the near future
  • reach a yes / no / maybe-means-no conclusion on this, so that I continue / kill any thoughts about her
This really should be how I fast-track the matching process for exploring romance.

So yeah, up next, making that call.

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