College Admissions Interviews

I swear, college alumni admissions interviews are a legacy from the pre-Skype/Hangouts era.

Updated: 2014-08-10


TLDR: the admissions interview is a sales pitch. (Even if you're on the academic track, you'll have to sell to get grants, to into gradschool, etc.) So if you're sure that you don't like selling, then don't ask for an interview. If you think that you need help with sales skills, perhaps look here.

Do Your Homework

How to use search engines to your advantage: here is a sample query about admissions interview questions - it filters in everything under bates.edu.

1. You can replace "bates.edu" with the school website of your choice.
2. If there are too many results for graduate admissions interviews, then try adding "undergraduate" at the beginning of the search term.
3. Improvise further.

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