So yesterday at a DoTA (it's a 10-player game) we had 12 people at the net-shop, and so two of us sat out, grabbed burgers, then went back and started "pair programming," with two of the newer players - one on each team. There's a reason why rally race cars are manned by two people - the amount of extra information that you can glean with an extra pair of eyes and a brain is enormous in high-speed engagements.

I think about related dynamics, and find another way to model the resource leakage in my operations over the past few years. For a chunk of that time, I dated people who preferred stable jobs, to support their relationships with unstable definitions. Whereas, it seems that I preferred unstabler jobs, and would have benefited from relationships with stabler definitions.
X: Does this translate to: "don't have a fucked up girlfriend while having a fucked up job" ?

me: Maybe. More of a general "make sure there's enough structure in your schedule, and that your partners have aligned objectives."
I was supposed to be studying during the last five years, but I definitely did some harder jobs which were related to my studies. Postponing studies at an earlier point, sometimes let me get more studying done at a later point. Like working on programming at a web startup, and taking other contracts for a month or two then keeping costs of living low so that the cash lasted for a year of full focus on studies without employment.

This decade, I'm supposed to be making money - then people ask me why I'm working for limited salary on a project that seems to be going nowhere - and it's the same. Postponing encashment at an earlier point, ought to help me increase my ability to create cashflows at a later point. To be honest, I'm not managing this quantitatively, because I'm not particularly concerned about the final ROI for this period - commercialisation is just a direction that I'm setting for my life, during this period, just as education was the direction I set for the previous decade or so.

Getting romantic interests to understand this has been a bit daunting. Still, it would be nice to have a co-pilot for the period, and possibly beyond.

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