College Applications and the Long Tail

["Initimidated that they have nothing to show to readers of their college application."]

Yeah, I got that sort of feedback from at least one participant at today's [USAPPS] college workshop/fair/tour.

While it's important to demonstrate what the ideal candidate looks like based on academics, past achievements, "passion", etc. (which should be easy for many facilitators who have gone that route)... the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. :p

It's a fact that if you score all Cs throughout school, there's still a college that will admit you. Students who have been consistent C/D/E etc. scorers, without organisational achievement, clearly developed passions, or other "marks" of "outstanding/admirable" history, need to be shown how to best position themselves to the admissions offices, in order to get this college thing "done." In fact they're the ones who benefit most from workshops like USAPPS.

I'm sure this is already being addressed, but the focus-groups tomorrow may provide additional leeway for this sort of tutorial. I hope at least some [people] agree with this.

Ps- still sorry for sleeping through the teachers session. Ugh.

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