Death as a Service

90% boring day at work. One of those days when I'd be happy to donate my organs, sign a waiver, and die. #newBusinessIdea

The human right to die, should not be encumbered by law, or whiny relatives and friends, or philosophical opponents, or one's one attachment to life itself. It should be as convenient as checking out of a hotel. One should simply be able to walk up to the counter, and say, "here are the keys to my life, make sure the right people benefit from this, I'm tired, and ready - count me out!"

Thinking further about the business viability of this, the main bugbear seems to be making it legal. Regulators. From legalising assisted suicide, to linking up to the trade in human organs, to social responsibility operations to ensure that everyone understands why this is a good thing, it seems as if this would take millions in campaigning through various channels, it's exactly the sort of problem that makes for an interesting unfunded startup effort. 

Now this, is a moonshot. 

(In th worst case scenario, I guess it would make an interesting book or movie, in reaction to the ethos of the past three decades.)

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