Manpower, Management, & Pedagogy

(Following readings of an unofficial biography of Marissa Mayer, by Businesss Insider, and a friend's question about clones.)

Eureka. I shouldn't guess project manpower requirements in units of 'the expected number of random humans', but on 'the expected number of exact clones of myself'.

Because my knowledge of the algorithms I would apply to approach a task is greater than my knowledge of the same for a randomly selected human being. So, at least one of the systems (the set of target states) in the pedagogical gap is very well known, during micromanagement.

And yes, micromanagement and pedagogy are largely isometric concepts, in my mind. While one might say that management is not a unilateral information transfer, I think, neither is pedagogy. In many pedagogical scenarios, neither the teacher nor the student is sure of what the object of learning is, goals have yet to be refined, and much collaboration is necessary to first define tactical targets, and attack them those with known methods and methodologies, in many iterations, before forming longer-term goals and a macroscopic strategy.

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