Thought Policy

The day they literally start attempting to police thought, they're going to fail because most people are incapable of controlling their thoughts, and incredibly complicated (but technically interesting) laws would have to be written to determine whose fault any particular thought was. That was the second thing that came to mind. 

What I originally wanted to write down, was about intellectual curiosity and to some extent intellectual honesty. We have laws prohibiting certain actions, say robbery, rape, and murder... but we do not exactly have laws prohibiting the expression of interest in such actions (though you could certainly interpret various very broad laws to include this). I'm one of those people who likes to make my mind do things which it hasn't done before. So if I find myself disliking some experience, or being socially barred from certain actions, I often actually make a point to think slowly, repeatedly, and in great detail about those things, however "horrible," they may be. Now if only more people were like that - perhaps I would have more to say to people in general. 

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