Zombie Movies Ironically Remind me of Real LIfe

Good lord, dramatic stories of love and family... how do people live mainly for such rank mundanity? I wish it were easier to just care so much about such trivia.

When I actually think of the statistical dominance of this preference, I literally feel like killing myself. It's like World War Z.
Ah well, I guess it has preserved the species.

So bored. But accounting is a liberal art, so on with its study. Hehehe.
Class distinctions: I intuitively think of folks with zero-dependent incomes over MYR 60,000/year as "upper-class". Lol
It's just an intuition - my family of three kids grew up on MYR 30k-ish/year, and we considered ourselves middle-class. So it's a description of my perception bias. Oh, lots of studies indicate that EVERYONE and their mom thinks that they're middle-class. The median HOUSEHOLD income in this country is some RM42k/year. No expert - just tossing old memories.

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