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Time for an update!
Good (?) news:

I like KPIs! It's like you meet the smartest people who know how to manage KPIs at their day-job, but don't understand the concept of KPIs in a relationship. Superlol.

I prefer not to cheat; I prefer not to tell lies; I can commit more or less to any required degree long as there's parity; I think that love is anything that people are willing to create, through an investment of resources; I have little (but not zero) fear of labour, poverty, solitude, and fear itself, so I guess I go well with partners who have less of those fears too. I completely agree with this: http://markmanson.net/6-toxic-habits

Bad (?) news:

I run a tight operation, and don't have time for secrets, or non-communicative behaviour.

Early warnings:
- I'm not a fan or adherent of filial piety for its own sake
- I analyse everything; if you don't like being analysed [uhoh]
- I may never have much money
- I have a cavalier attitude towards life and death

You should assume that I'm married to work. I'm a work-first kind of person. I only look for new dates when I'm bored - usually while waiting out slow jobs, or in between jobs.

Et cetera:

If you want to read further without sending me a message, then check out http://about.me/jerng

It'd be nice to have a lover to (literally) run with, daily. The farther the better.

Oh, and if you read MBTI, I'm an INTP... :) but I find that at work, being ESTJ gets things done a lot more effectively.

How I think / economise (?) about relationships:

I see relationships as operations, and if we can't agree that we want at least CMM level-3, I probably won't regard us as having much long-term potential. If you think love is a mysterious, magical, nonanalytical category... then we *probably* aren't going to work as lovers. But we can still be friends.

I prefer my relationships to be sustainable for long periods, because I rarely make time to find new ones. Daily chat, sex, and cuddling is fine by me, but daily looking-for-it just doesn't fit into my scheduling patterns.
And the replacement:
I have an active, diverse, and stable emotional life. Some company, however, would be pleasant. Sometimes I worry that I will forget how to relate to other people, so I study how they feel, and write #emoStory (-s) on Twitter. If you are unable to feel the way that you want to feel, without input from someone else, we may not be a good match.


I agree with: http://markmanson.net/6-toxic-habits

TMI: http://about.me/jerng

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